The United States of America–land of the free and home of the government regulated soda sizes.

Yes, it seems the limits to super-sized soft drinks has become a trend.

Following in the footsteps of New York’s Bloomberg, the mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts has started a similar campaign.

If this new downsizing soda trend catches on, we may soon all be free of the reign of the super-sized soda that’s been forced on us for so many years.

Just think, a world of Gulps and satisfacory-size sodas. No longer will you have to make that tough decision for yourself.

Isn’t it nice to know the government cares about your personal decisions…and doesn’t want you to have to make them.


More on the Story: Reuters.com

…just for fun:

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  1. I'll drink to that. says:

    Ironically, while beer goggles make people look more attractive, while soda goggles make people look fatter.


  2. OMC says:

    don’t get me started…next up: super-sized fries unless you offer a notarized agreement to share…while we are at it, there is nothing redeeming about fried chicken…or funnel cakes…or…
    We’re with the government, and we’re here to help…


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