…Catch A Whiff


In the world of scientific studies, some things will always be true. Many will leave you asking, “Why?” Others will make you wonder where all this research money comes from. And no matter how crazy the study, there will always be another one to surpass it. On that note, I give you the current leader—the old person smell.

It turns out that there is an actual distinguishable and measurable smell to old people (age 75-95). And all it took to figure this out was 88 armpit pads and way too many willing volunteers between the ages of 20-30.

It turns out we’re really good at guessing age based on body odor (super gross).

So what exactly do old people smell like? Sadly, the results to extensive research did not say. I guess that answer will just have to wait for another study.

More on the Story: The Atlantic

…just for fun:

Smell Like A Monster

2 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    puppy dogs and rainbows, puppy dogs and rainbows, puppy dogs and rainbows…


  2. Uncle Fuzzy says:

    In about 30 years, I plan on switching out my deodorant with cloves of roasted garlic. Problem solved.


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