“Battleship” the movie evokes a lot of questions, the first of which is–why?

Why make a movie based on a classic children’s logic-based game? Why add aliens into the equation?

Despite the long list of questions, and being a jumble of plot points and over-the-top action sequences director Peter Berg’s “Battleship,” does entertain at times, but it’s not enough to save this film.

Lieuntenant Alex Hooper (Taylor Kitsch) is an everyday slacker turned Navy slacker, whose ability to steal a chicken burrito (too long of a story) is qualified as potential.  Of course, despite his laid-back attitude he’s become a lieutenant, a title that’s threatened when he once again messes up.

Lucky for him, during the RIMPAC naval exercises, some alien ships decide to start their not-so-hostile take over of planet earth. This provides the perfect chance for Hooper to prove himself as the captain of the John Paul Jones.

This is also when the board game comes into play. Because of the conflicting technology, the two can’t see each other.  However, using tsunami buoys to create a grid system, the John Paul Jones crew (Rhianna et al)is able to track the alien ships’ movements (sound familiar?).

Through another series of improbable events the day is saved with some help from the “Greatest Generation,” and, of course, Hooper gets the girl (Brooklyn Decker).

While it’s a little cheesy at first, the film’s small focus on veterans is touching and the best part of the movie.  This includes the casting of double amputee US Army Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Gadson as US Army Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales, a bold casting decision that actually improves the film. 

Sadly, it was not enough to save this shipwrecked film. It’s overly complicated storyline is not needed, and the aliens are just a little too over-the-top. Plus, would it have killed them to include one, “You sunk my battleship.”


…just for fun:

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