We live in a world full of incomplete thoughts, sentences, words and phrases.

Lucky for us, Google is doing their best to eliminate this pesky human trait.

If you’re not familiar with Google’s autocomplete function, you’re probably not reading this so I’ll skip the lengthy explanation. However, those of us who do use this handy tool know that it has its ups and downs. Sometimes it knows you better than you know yourself. Other times, it makes you concerned about others’ Internet habits.

Either way, this useful tool will soon be expanding into your email content (for Gmail users).

No longer will you have to scroll through pages of emails to find the one telling you that dinner was moved to six halfway across town.

Of course, now you’ll have no one to blame, but yourself and your own correspondences when something creepy shows up in your Gmail autocomplete.

Who knows, maybe next we’ll have Gthoughts with autocomplete. you’ll never have to complete a…project, marathon, meal, sentence, thought…again.

More on the Story: MSNBC

…just for fun:


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  1. so, giving people spell check (loose not lose or vice-versa) hasn’t led to enough poor writing and lack of concern over self-editing; let’s unleash autocomplete to make what we’re reading completely worthless…in another 100 years, how much do you think humans’ communication skills will have deteriorated???

  2. It takes a village idiot, to know one.

    Who needs autocomplete, once you’re married?

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