…hammer it home

Well, we made it the Avengers are assembled and many, many, many of you have already seen it.  If you sense incredible jealousy in my written word, well done.

In a tragic twist of the cruelest and most melodramatic kind, 2WC has an exciting and busy weekend that does not allow much time for “The Avengers” (blasphemy, I know my hands are burning just typing the words).  So, alas you’ll have to wait until next Friday, when we’ll have what I’m sure will be a brilliant review from Zer.

In the meantime don’t be too downhearted, we still have one final installment in our countdown to “The Avengers.”  Zer reviewed it last summer, now here are my two cents on everyone’s favorite weatherman, that lovable god of thunder, “Thor.”

The premise of “Thor,” and let’s face it most superhero stories, is a little out there, in the quite literal sense.  Thor is after all a god (or demigod, I’m a little unclear on this point) from Asgard, a realm of the universe far removed from our own.  Add a magic hammer named Mjolnir, and surprisingly you still end up with a perfectly relatable story.

It’s astounding that a story that spans the time and space between Asgard and New Mexico can work, but it does.  Whether it’s the story, the direction (well done Mr. Branagh), the acting, or more likely a team effort from all of the above, “Thor” manages to meld magic, science, and action to tell a truly touching story.

But “Thor” doesn’t just give us our final primary Avenger, here in the realm of Asgard we also find our villain, Loki.  In the great spectrum of villains (of which I’ve written before), ranging from the intelligent, motivated and you can’t help but respect him Magneto of X-Men all the way down to the just evil for evil’s sake Dr. Facilier from “The Princess and the Frog” (kids are smarter than that Disney), Loki ranks pretty high.

Why? It’s simple really.  Motivation.  All I ask of my villains is that by the time the credits run you provide me with enough information to answer one simple question, “Why are you evil?”

Why is Loki evil?  He’s adopted…and a natural blue.  Is destroying an entire planet really an appropriate response? Probably not, but at least we know why he’s gone off the deep end. As a semi-intelligent film goer, I appreciate it.

So thank you “Thor” for not only successfully bridging the gap between fantasy and reality (with a rainbow road nonetheless) but for having faith in your audience to keep up.  We thank you.

And to anyone shocked by the announcement of a sequel, of course there’s a “Thor 2” there has to be,Natalie Portman’s not in “The Avengers.”


***READ THIS***…except OMC, you already did…every one else, you’ll be glad you did: “Superheroes Movies Like ‘Avengers Assemble’ Should Not be Scorned”: The Guardian

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  1. OMC says:

    “too busy” – are you also too busy to breathe??? I’m wondering if it’s too nerdy to skip out of work early to see the Avengers by myself?


    1. Stephanie says:



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