…Make It Stick

My kind of tattoo...goes on and comes off with water.It’s a question as old as time—which came first, the chicken or the egg?  The bald spot or the baseball cap? The alcohol or the tattoos?

The latter of these was recently at the center of a French study, which found that people who have tattoos drink more than their ink-free peers.

Yes, it seems were all just one heart or peace sign (shaped like a bad decision) away from going off the deep end. Apparently, the ink seeps into your bloodstream, causing you to do crazy things like consume large quantities of alcohol.

Or is it the other way around?

Of course, researchers are quick to point out that it should not be assumed that all tattooed individuals are heavy drinkers. Much like it should not be assumed that all studies are pointless.

All this conjecture and hypothesizing does beg one last question—which came first, the stupid question or the answer?

More on the Story: MSNBC

…RIP Mr. Clark:


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  1. which came first – the government grant or the stupid study???

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