…Meet Cute

We’ve all been there, you book your flight to whatever destination, and find yourself facing an empty seat.

Oh the possibilities.

That empty seat could hold almost anything and anyone. A screaming infant and their overwhelmed mother, the passenger who overindulged at the airport bar, or possibly the man or woman of your dreams.

If your hopes are leaning towards that last option, you’ll be happy to know that airlines are not interfering in your love life (sort of).

Airlines from Air France to Virgin Atlantic have introduced or at least attempted to take social networking to the skies.

While some just check to see if any of your Facebook friends are onboard (you can finally meet that total stranger who friended you at 3 in the morning), others are a little more controlling.

KLM recently began testing its “Meet and Seat” program, which allows passengers to upload details from their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, and uses the data to choose seatmates.

And who is to say that not so randomly selected seat mate couldn’t also be your soul mate.

Yes, that does sound like a Hollywood rom-com in the making, but hey, it could happen…or maybe you should just hope that seat stays empty.

More on the Story:  The Atlantic Wire

…just for fun:

3 Comments Add yours

  1. BCM says:

    I am flying tomorrow…I will be happy if I get an aisle seat.


  2. Gerth Brooks says:

    Looks like its time to update my Facebook page: Billionaire… Check. Single… Check. Bodybuilder… Check. Pet Lover……. Check. Good with children…. Check. Porn Star…. Invited, but never agreed to show up, Double Check. Inveterate liar…. Check and Mate.


  3. OMC says:

    I can”t use the hotel shower now without creeping out about the gnome…


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