With one week until the Academy Awards, 2WC is proud to announce our first annual Woulda Coulda Shoulda Awards.

The film awards for all the snubbees of the Oscars, where those who were overlooked by the Academy will at least be acknowledged by 2WC for their exceptional work.

Without further ado, the nominees:

Best Actor:

Best Actress:

Best Picture:

Before we move on to the “Best Picture” nominees, a little explanation is in order.  For those who are unaware, the Academy can nominate up to 10 films for “Best Picture.”  This year, only nine were deemed worthy (List of Eligible Films), or to put it in their own language (best read aloud in your best Monty Python holy hand grenade” voice):

The pictures receiving the highest number of votes shall become the nominations for final voting for the Best Picture award.  There may not be more than ten nor fewer than five nominations; however, no picture shall be nominated that receives less than five percent of the total votes cast.

And with that, we give you 2WC’s nominees for the tenth “Best Picture” nominee:


…just for fun:

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lauren says:

    I’m loving the plethora of Ryan Gosling. Swoon!


  2. Dad says:

    Having just “enjoyed” The Tree of Life, I’d say there was room for two of your snubbees… I guess I just hadn’t been drinking enough to enjoy the visuals…


  3. W. C. Fields says:

    I drank so much gin, the whole tree of life movie is a complete blur. I loved it.


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