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It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  But with advances in technology and the quality of photography available to your average citizen that value has to have increased over the years.

A twitpic alone would be worth at least 1140, and that’s without adjusting for inflation and whatnot.   The mind reels at the thought of calculating the value of a Facebook upload (what’s the character limit on those?).

Why simply tell your friends in mass update form that you are currently enjoying a sandwich, when you can send a picture (worth several thousand words at least) of said sandwich.

Now, just in case your updates weren’t valuable enough, those pictures can move, live! Color Labs, an app maker, has developed an app which allows you to post live 30-second video status updates.

There’s just one catch–no sound.  Some might feel limited by the lack of audio.  Some might question the perk (other than proving your status as alive) of posting video if you can’t say anything in it. I look at it as a chance to channel my inner-Charlie Chaplin.

Who needs audible words when you have gestures, facial expressions, and the option of posting a caption?

Think of it as a social experiment in pantomime.  Because who doesn’t love a mime.  It’s like a clown who doesn’t talk.  That’s not creepy at all.  Much like bugging your friends with live video of what you’re doing at that exact moment…without them.


“Color’s New Tint:  App Maker Reinvents Itself with Video Updates for Facebook Users”: The Daily

…bi-daily smile…

speaking of statuses…


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  1. Oh, goodie! It will be easier for people to post videos of fascinating items like a bologna sandwich…

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