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Seeing as a lot happened this week, and per their usual practice the media coverage was consumed by a few stories (Penn State, Herman Cain and Rick Perry), we thought we’d take this chance to catch you up on the other goings on in the world from these past seven days.

So here it is, our four cents (complete with links):

Zer:  “Glee” was once again “controversial” with its “First Time” episode, in which a few more of the 20 to 30 somethings surrendered their virginity and sentenced the world’s youth to a life of immorality.  On the bright side, they did it with a smile and a few song and dance numbers.

Stephanie:  In other song, dance and scandal news (complete with chants and posters):  Wall Street continues to be occupied, along with a constantly growing portion of the rest of the country.   While most occupiers have managed to keep their hands to themselves, an incident on Berkeley’s campus this week dissolved into police “nudging” protesters into forced eviction.

Zer:  Greece has a new prime minister.  Prime Minister Lucas Papademos was sworn in on Friday, and by Saturday was in talks with France and Germany on dealing with his recently inherited 350-billion-euro debt.  What a way to to start a weekend.

Stephanie:  While Greece was acquiring a new political leader, Italy was losing one.  Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi stepped down yesterday, amid political and financial turmoil-an unfortunate theme in Europe at the moment.  Not that any comfort should be taken from such things, but at least we know we don’t have the monopoly on political games.

Zer:  And my third point is, umm…  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Oh yes, and the Oscars booted their producer, Brett Ratner, after he made and inappropriate remark containing an offensive word.  Then they lost their host, Eddie Murphy.  Then, Billy Crystal stepped in and saved the day.  At this same moment millions of Muppet fans were crushed as their “Get the Muppets to host the 2012 Oscars” campaign was for naught (or was it?).

Stephanie:  Finally, in gamer news:  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released this week.  I have no real idea what this means, but I know that a lot of people were very excited about this.  I assume it was because of their love of “Modern Warfare” and “Modern Warfare 2”.  Beyond that, I imagine they also enjoy shooting virtual guns at virtual people.  No judgment, but no interest either.

Well, there you have it a brief wrap-up of what you may have missed.  If we’ve peaked your interest feel free to dive right in, and explore the wonderful world of current events (a good place to start: Google News).


…just for fun:

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  1. Dad says:

    so, any plans for the crusaders on the 23rd? I can’t imagine…


  2. BCM says:

    Occupy St. Louis was disbanded late on 11/11/11…a few were arrested and the others packed up peacefully.


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