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The truth is out there…

The X-Files

Sometimes it’s just not what you want to hear, or  is that just what “they” want you to believe?

Extraterrestrial enthusiasts and paranoid conspiracy theorists (and non-paranoid ones too I assume) suffered a mighty blow this week.

After lots of begging, insisting, and petition signing (at the “We The People” website) they got an answer from the powers that be (or in this case the White House)–there is no life out there.

At least there’s no strong evidence to support it, or credible proof of contact, or “…information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

All this is according to an official statement from Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Don’t be too discouraged about the final frontier though, as if any official statement could dampen the beliefs of this crowd, Larson does concede that with all of the trillions of stars and galaxies out there it seems likely there’s life somewhere among them.

So they’re saying there’s a chance.  Just don’t expect them to be making contact any time soon.

I suppose resistance may be futile, for now.  In the meantime believers keep your eyes on the skies and live long and prosper, and beee good.


“White House Says It Has No Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life”: Washington Post

…bi-daily smile(s)…

…proof that my blog title is a word…even if it has fictitious origins…or does it?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dad says:

    MIB – comedy, dramedy or training video???


  2. Special Agent Kotzan says:

    That’s what they want you to think! The truth may be that they have no choice but to hide the truth! That’s why the syndicate suffered and were eventually destroyed by the rebels in 1999. Now we must face the truth alone…


  3. Paul says:

    They are out there, just as we are out here. Problem is we are really, really, really far apart from them.


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