...on guard Kindle...

Breaking News:  Amazon has made thousands of books available for free*!!!

*if you own a Kindle and are an Amazon Prime Member…

Pay no attention to the small, italicized print.  This is exciting!

Amazon is now doing what libraries have been doing for centuries!

Only difference?  They’re getting people to pay for it and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your Kindle screen.

Because if there’s one thing we should avoid it’s walking, especially to places with books and human interaction.

Sure they did away with late fees, but what is the borrowing experience without the judgmental look you get from the librarian as you hand over the 20 cents you owe them?  It’s the price you pay.

Amazon has their price too.  Although, at $80 a year, and considering the fact that you also get free-shipping, access to thousands of streaming movies, television shows, and now free books as well, I’d say Netflix has more to worry about than your local librarians.

Even this e-reader cynic has to give Amazon props…assuming this pans out the way they hope.


“Amazon Lights the Fire with Free Book”: New York Times 

…bi-daily smile…

it’s so close!!!

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  1. Dad says:

    so, the books are “free” after I buy a Kindle and give them $80 a year to be a “prime” member – free shipping on stuff that I can buy without ever seeing or interacting with another human…but what if the UPS guy gets chatty? How am I supposed to break away from that awkward interaction? Wait, I’ll pretend my phone rang!!!


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