…save the queen

...oh god...

The events in London this week have left a lot of people in disbelief.

That is, assuming you’re even aware of the riots in London.

News Flash:  There are riots in London.

Although whether you’re unaware or in denial it seems no one can quite figure it out.

Seriously, they can’t figure out why people are rioting.

There are theories, of course: class wars, racism, gangsta rap and culture (speaking of racism), a lack of fathers (seriously), a gathering of dark forces in the wizarding world (not seriously), and social media.

In other words, they still have no idea.

But it would seem that social media is the front-runner in the blame game.  Of course that means there’s speculation about Twitter being shut down in the UK, which is leading to the obligatory freak out.

In reality, there seems to be little truth in the nation-wide shutdown rumors, they would only be blocking certain users.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this plan relies solely on the rioters’ ability or lack there of to dial phone numbers, send e-mails, open a new Twitter account, update their status on Facebook…I could go on.

Here’s hoping the carpal tunnel sets in soon.


“U.K. Government Considers Blocking Twitter, Blackberry in Wake of Riots”: TIME

“Riots in London: London Burns”: The Economist

“The Competing Arguments Used to Explain the Riots”: BBC News

…bi-daily smile…

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