…let ’em off the hook

...it's just not his day

Oh, Hollywood, you’ve done it now.

It wasn’t enough to villainize an entire genus and all of its species, let’s drive it all the way home to extinction.

In case you haven’t heard, sharks are in real danger and it’s all on Jaws.  

True, since 1975, when Hollywood and the leader of the shark killers, Steven Spielberg, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to think for ourselves and distinguish between the movies and reality, but we had other things to do.

But why stop at sharks, I’m sure there are plenty of other things we can pin on the entertainment industry.

How dare they use diesel fuel, not separate plastics, leave the lights on, not unplug their phone charger, leave the water running, and just where do you think all of the debris from that massive (and awesome looking) explosion went?

That should cover environmental.

It’s so irresponsible of them to talk on their phone while driving, ordering their latte (that’s just rude), and/or fleeing the previously mentioned massive explosion.  Someone could get hurt.

What kind of example are they setting for technology etiquette?

Finally, what are they thinking allowing vampires and werewolves to freely roam the northeast, not mention the zombies down south?  Plus someone should really look in to all of that witchcraft coming out of the UK.

That should cover us for all present and future apocalyptic issues…supernatural and otherwise.

I think we’re covered.

See sharks, you’re not the only thing Hollywood has destroyed.

Now, I guess all we have left to do is sit back, relax knowing all of our problems are the faults of others, and start counting down to the final chapter of Harry Potter!…8 days.


“Farewell to Sharks (and Yes, That’s a Bad Thing)”: TIME

…bi-daily smile…

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