…Lighten the Load


Convenience—it’s one of the most appealing arguments that e-book users have in their arsenal.

The thought of not having to lug around your tome of choice is, well, tempting.

Perhaps it is this convenience that has caused those of us loyal to the paper and ink to stand by and do nothing as book after book is converted into e-book format.

That ends now, consider the line crossed.

It was announced this week that e-book editions of the Harry Potter series will be released in October.

Now, given the ever-expanding size of each of the Harry Potter books, I can understand why a slimmed down digital copy seems like it would be appreciated by Potter fans.

But you obviously don’t understand something about Harry Potter fans.

We take the weighty responsibility of this series very seriously.  With each new book came the possibility of hundreds upon hundreds of new pages to proudly (and carefully) tote around with us for the next few weeks as we conducted our multiple readings.

If we’re in the mood for a trimmed down, portable version of our favorite boy wizard, we can watch the movies (on our iPhones).

With the release of the final film only a few weeks away, I’m sure that many of my fellow Potter fans are in the midst of rereading the entire series.  So let’s take this opportunity to proudly display our hardcover and paperback pride. 

…and let the final countdown begin.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dad says:

    and let’s not even get into the whole physical activity argument…


    1. Zer says:

      Good point, I’ll add that to the “pro” list for team page-turners.


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