Ever find yourself wondering what all those other search terms are that pop up when you use Google?


Well, then you’re probably not a spy (probably), or a member of the research team on the verge of cracking their top-secret code.

 How does this code work?

Well, the targeted computer has an extra word tacked on to the end of each suggest search term (up to ten).  Those extra words are  then looked up in a codebook; each of words has a 10-bit binary number.  The numbers are then deciphered using a different code, and then (finally) converted into text.

Wondering how this never occurred to you before, aren’t you.

Unfortunately,  unless you have the code book all you’ll see is a selection of some of the 4000 most used words in the English language tacked on to your search next time you’re looking for “funny cats.”

But at least  it makes the mundane searches seem a little more exciting.


More on the Story: MSNBC

…just for fun:

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