…shuffle all

...let's see if we can't mix things up a bit

Ever get a song stuck in your head for days?

I love music, but there’s nothing worse than having the same song running through your head on a seemingly eternal loop…over…and over…and over…

Then just when you think you’ve kicked it, someone says something that makes you think of it and there it is again as relentless as ever.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Wouldn’t it just be great if someone could exploit this?

But how?

I’m glad you asked.  Thanks to modern curiosity and resources, they have found a way.

Strike that, they are working on finding a way to exploit that.  And there’s no better way to do that than with a study.

But is that really going far enough?  No, I think we can one-up this, lets pick a specific demographic…I know…teens!

Let’s figure out how to exploit the music tastes of teens by tracking what songs get stuck in their heads.

Once we read their minds, or incessantly survey them, we can rule the world! …of music.

Darn you music industry and your ability to read our minds…or at least predict them.

I suppose there are worse forms of exploitation out there…they just aren’t nearly as catchy.



“Study: Pop Songs Literally Get Stuck in Teens’ Heads”: TIME

…bi-daily smile…

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