…stop, look, and listen

...can you hear me now?

Yesterday as my sister, our father, and I were making our way across the state of Missouri, headed back to Chicago, we found ourselves in a hilariously frightening situation: 150 miles of 3G-less territory.

At first I didn’t think this was a problem…then it happened.  My moment of technology shame.

We found ourselves driving past Marceline, MO, boyhood home of Walt Disney.

Needless to say I was beside myself and wanted to share this very exciting news with my 63 Twitter followers.

With great joy and zeal I composed a beautiful 140 characters (or less) tribute to the moment and hit “tweet.”

Nothing happened.

As my tweet was filed as a draft I hung my head in shame.  When did I become reliant on instant technology?

Of course several hours later I posted a slightly different post which both recounted the passing of the birthplace of the creator of the “happiest place on earth,” and poked fun at the fact that there was no cell service way out there.

My slight drift into the dark side of course is not the story here.  The story is what we saw when we stopped at a brand new McDonald’s in the middle of the black-hole of Missouri (named only for its lack of cell-phone reception).

People do in fact exist outside of the realm of the 3G.  I know it’s shocking, but true.

Sure they probably can’t immediately tell you what the last twelve films Sir Ian McKellen did or who Free Frank McWorter is should they on a whim ponder these questions, but they manage to survive.

Our journey through the dead zone consisted of counting the amount of road kill (53…in case you were wondering).

But I hear there are other ways to survive without an Internet connection as well.

That just leaves us with one question:  If tweeters in the middle of nowhere count dead animals and no one tweets about it, does it make a sound?


…bi-daily smile…

just in case you missed it…this needed to be shared…

One Comment Add yours

  1. Dad says:

    brilliantly captured the essence of the trip and the pondering of the day…


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