…get a hobby

...or a tiara?

Every little girl dreams of marrying a prince, or so Disney would have us believe.

With a royal wedding on the horizon, it seems some not-so-little girls are striving to live the dream of their childhood.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit I was  a little behind on my Newsweek reading, and shocked at what I found.

Harry Hunters.

All of you rushing for your wands and broomsticks right now, it’s not what you’re thinking.

No one’s set up a man-hunt for the “boy who lived.”

This is far more disturbing and non-fiction.

In this “Harry Hunt” American and English girls (apparently no one else is interested?) are searching for Prince Harry.

These girls travel to London intent on stalking…I mean strategically scheduling…I mean coincidentally planning…oh there’s not a non-creepy way to say this.

They’re goal is to meet and seduce Prince Harry and eventually marry him.

Now I could try to reach out to these girls by giving them a speech about self-worth, dignity, realistic expectations, and restraining orders.

However, I think it’s safe to say that we are a few skips over the pond beyond that point of logic.

So girls, I have one question for you.  What do you think the odds are that no one connected with the Prince will at least scan the Newsweek article about his stalkers, for oh…I don’t know, you’re full name and intentions?

Happy Hunting!


“Invasion of the Harry Hunters”: Newsweek

…bi-daily smile…

I couldn’t help myself…

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