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Faithful followers may have noticed that the Crusade has not yet commented on a rather earth-shattering current event: the earthquake in Japan.

As you may have noticed, we try to find humor and inspiration in the topics we choose.

Although many have tried, there’s little humor to be found in this natural disaster.

I understand the impulse to try.  It’s only human to want to return to normalcy…and laughing things off is a part of that.

But there’s a time, that is much more removed from the event; and a place, that is not Twitter.

And there is no excuse for those making insensitive and “ignorant” comments for their “shock value.”

On the other hand, inspiration is emerging more and more each day.

If you read most of the headlines you’ll find escalating tension over the nuclear power plant, and travelling radioactive clouds, and plenty of other things to scare you.

Look a little further and you’ll find tales of miraculous survival, relentless searches, and 50 brave power plant workers.  Definitely nothing to be laughed at, but it just might make you smile.


“Why Do People Tell Sick Jokes About Tragedies?”: BBC News Magazine

“Homer Simpson Need Not Apply”: New York Times

bi-daily smile…

just because:


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  1. Lauren says:

    I love this. Even the Glee clip can’t ruin it 😉


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