…Catch Up

With the glitz and glamour of Oscar week (and a half) behind us, it’s time to return to the day-to-day droll.

Lucky for those of you who rely on The Crusade to keep you up to date on all important world events, absolutely nothing has happened over the past 11 days.

Here’s a list of some of that nothing that’s been happening:

  • 14 Democrats fled Wisconsin to avoid a vote in the state Senate.
  • Related to this same vote, protestors have gathered in Madison, WI.
  • Several Indiana state representatives followed suit and fled their state as well.
  • Egypt helped Aaron Sorkin understand the usefulness of Facebook (and I hear some other things happened there too).
  • And supposedly there’s protesting and political unrest in places other than Wisconsin (Libya, Syria, Tunisia, to name a few)

Okay, so maybe a few things happened. 

We take one week and a half off to cover film, and the world (and Wisconsin) goes to ruins.

…oh, and “The King’s Speech” won the Academy Award for best picture.


More on the Stories: “The King’s Speech” Wins , Wisconsin State Senators on the Lam , Indiana House Democrats Take Refuge in Illinois  , Aaron Sorkin Approves of Facebook, Thousands Flee Libya

…just for fun:

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