…Never Grow Up

In the world of animated storytelling, it seems like the Disney/Pixar duo can do no wrong.

With “Toy Story 3” their streak continues.

Andy’s toys find themselves in a transitional period in this third and final (we’ll see) installment.  Andy is all grown up and heading off to college, and they’re faced with three possible retirement options: garbage, attic, or donated to the day-care center.

While most of the gang gets dumped in a garbage bag bound for the attic, Andy decides to take Woody (Tom Hanks) with him to college.

Due to some miscommunication and hurt feelings all the toys end up at the Sunnyside Day Care Center.  At first it seems to be a utopia for this band of neglected toys.  However, the toys soon discover the dark side of daycare, and it’s leader Lotso (Ned Beatty) is soon brought to light.

“Toy Story 3” brings back everything we love about the original film, the wacky and surprisingly smart humor.  Plus, everyone’s favorite plastic and plush playthings–Buzz (Tim Allen), Jessie (Joan Cusack), the Potato Heads (Don Rickles and Estelle Harris), Hamm (John Ratzenberger) et al–are all back.

However, it also adds some new twists and turns, including a surprisingly dark moment of acceptance involving a garbage incinerator.

It doesn’t try too hard and it doesn’t ride its predecessors’ coattails.  It’s everything that a third, and final chapter to a modern animated classic should be.

Here’s hoping they don’t ruin it with a half-hearted Christmas special in a few years.

…just for fun:

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