Have you been feeling the weight of a guilty conscience?  Not sure what’s bugging you?  Too busy to figure it out on your own?

And most importantly, are you Catholic?

Well, good news, relief is here in the form of “Confession: A Roman Catholic App,” now available on the iPhone of iPad.

Yes, you can now purchase Catholic guilt in app form for the bargain price of $1.99 (no joke).

Apparently the Catholic Church was not merely dipping its toe into the 21st century with the go-ahead on social networking sites, but preparing to do a swan dive.

Now to be clear, this app does not take the place of an actual real life confession. 

You still need to go to an actual church, sit in an actual confessional and talk to a disembodied voice (much more personal).

However, it can help you tally all your sins and jog your memory when it comes time to recite those prayers you memorized in second grade. 

Here’s hoping that your church gets decent cell reception (or has a WiFi network?).


More on the Story: Associated Press, MSNBC

…just for fun:

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