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Few things remind us to not take for granted the rights we enjoy, like seeing those same rights deprived of others.

As we learn more about the situation in Egypt, now six days into protests against the reigning president, it’s only human to search for a connection to this otherwise foreign land (to most of us).

And here in the U.S.A., the country that gave you Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes, nothing hits home like turning off the Internet.

Of course the problems in Egypt are much bigger than not being able to keep your friends up to date on what you had for breakfast.

If nothing else this now international incident has shone a light on the positive side of social networking.  Much of the news on what’s going on inside the protest has come from tweets.

Even as those in power continue to shut down communication channel after communication channel ways through are being found and used.

So I think the take home message here is tweeting is freedom.  It’s really our debt to democracy.

So go forth and share your useless knowledge about so and so’s doppelgänger you saw on the subway platform, or that really good sandwich you had at three in the morning, and especially that TMI moment you had at work.

Remember this isn’t just for your own satisfaction anymore.  It’s for liberty.


“Spotlight Again Falls on Web Tools and Change”: New York Times

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