Swine Flu Antibodies- kicking influenza's derrière since 2009

For those of you lucky enough to have contracted and survived the H1N1 virus, you may still be caring around one lingering symptom—Super Immunity!

While you were busy becoming one with your mattress and keeping your bodily fluids internal, your immune system was hard at work creating an army of ass-kicking antibodies.

A group of researchers studying patients who contracted and survived H1N1 were able to isolate five antibodies with an impressive resume.

This ragtag team of sniffles stopping antibodies has met and conquered a slew of intimidating influenza strains:

  • All the seasonal H1N1 flu strains from the last decade
  • The infamous “Spanish flu” from 1918 (killed around 50m people)
  • The (possibly) deadly bird flu H5N1 strain

Those of us who have looked death in the snout now find ourselves at a crossroads. 

Do we (Swine Flu: Class of 2009) continue on with our daily lives as if nothing has changed?  Do we try our best to blend in, hiding our true identities, afraid of what might happen if anyone knew what we really are?

And what are we anyway? 

Well, to put it simply, we are the first generation of a new super-human, virus-carrying machine.


More on the Story: Super Swine Flu Immunity

…just for fun:

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