Enter if you dare.

In case the threat of an on the house cavity search wasn’t enough to scare you away from airports, the paranoid and over the top hypochondriacs of the world have come up with a new fear—germs!

It turns out that they exist in airports too.

I mean just think of all the opportunities that viruses have to latch on to you during your journey from the curb to your plane.

Just imagine all the people coughing, sniffling and breathing all with the sole purpose of infecting you with their germs.

Plus now with the new pat-down policy, well, I don’t know where those blue gloves have been.

What can we do about this madness?

Apparently, not much, aside from mindlessly freaking out, wiping everything down with Purel and counting the number of germs on every surface.

Because nothing is better for your immune system than mindless worrying that you might come in contact with a germ or two.


More on the Story: Flying with Fear

…just for fun:

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