Today the time-honored tradition of presidential turkey pardoning takes place.

It’s a day of excitement, happiness and joy.  One favored fowl is given a new lease on life, and allowed to live out its life in peace.

However, this year a dark cloud hangs over the ceremony.  This year, the lucky bird has a little bit less to look forward to.

Unlike it’s recent predecessors, this years turkey will not be celebrating with an all expenses paid trip to the happiest place on earth—Disneyland.

Since 2005, the pardoned poultry have been serving as the grand marshal of the Disney Thanksgiving parade.  The birds then retire to a coop at the park’s Big Thunder Ranch where they live out the rest of their days far from any Thanksgiving table.

There will be no such honor for this year’s bird.  No this year’s turkey will just have to make do with its lot at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate in Virginia.

Washington was a lover of turkeys, in fact he raised turkey’s on the estate.  Unfortunately for this years grateful gobbler, he also enjoyed then with gravy and a side of dressing.

Although, this year’s turkey’s accommodations are still a step up from prior to 2005.

Until 2004, the birds went to a historic farm in Herndon, Va.—Frying Pan Farm Park (a coincidence I’m sure).

I guess this year’s turkey does have a little to be thankful for.


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…just for fun:

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