…Travel Well

It’s officially here, Thanksgiving week.

Time for turkey, dressing and, of course, traveling.

Whether you’re going by plane, train or automobile there’s no getting around the fact that holiday travel is stressful.

By train you get to deal with crowds and delays.  By car or bus you get to deal with weather and traffic.

By plane, well, where to begin?

There’s the crowds, delays and, oh yes, the security.

With their new and “improved” screening process, the TSA doesn’t have many friends these days.

Many less than thrilled fliers are encouraging those traveling this Wednesday to refuse to cooperate with security.

Sounds like a great plan if you want to be treated like a whining child, and spend a night in a TSA detention cell.

Sure, you might feel like you stood up for your rights and those of all travelers.  In reality all you’re doing is holding up the line, and possibly making a few people miss their flights.

This week, air travelers, try taking a different approach.  When you show up for your security strip search, put your best shoeless foot forward.

Yes, it’s an incredibly flawed system and sometimes it seems that a high percentage of the employees should consider a change in profession (something without any human interaction).

However, I assure you that your tear-jerking tale of humiliation will receive a lot more sympathy when you can honestly say that you were as sweet as pie.

Which, you’ll also get a slice (or two) of since you’ll make it to your final destination, instead of just onto the no-fly list.


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…just for fun:

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  1. snoringdogstudio says:

    I love this post. Apparently, there are women out there SUEING the government because they were “sexually harassed” at the airport. That’s an appalling misuse of the law and it certainly diminishes the real, very tragic, cases of sexual harassment that happen in this country. Chill people, chill. Put your righteous indignation to better use – like fighting racism, child and sexual abuse, domestic violence – whoa, stop me. I’m bringing myself down.

    I’m still very, very thankful to be living in the U.S.


  2. BCM says:

    I recently was picked out to go through both the new scanner and the new TSA pat down procedure. The whole thing felt a little invasive and took extra time, but in the end I had a safe flight.


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