…bag it

...paper or bacteria?

Hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour today.

Let me tell you it is especially enjoyable at 5 AM.

But that’s enough about my morning.  It’s time for this week in fear mongering:

Do you know what’s lingering in your reusable shopping bags?

Can you fathom what horrible fate lurks beneath your groceries?

Well it seems those trendy, eco-friendly totes may be carrying more than you bargained for.

What is it?


Relatively harmless non-disease-causing bacteria to be accurate, but who cares about adjectives, this is shocking.

Sorry, I meant SHOCKING!!!

Who knew that not cleaning the sacks you fill with produce, poultry, and everything else under the sun could be a bad idea?

Doesn’t eco-friendliness cancel out bacterial growth?

Truth is the bacteria found in these bags is no worse than what you would find on a dirty kitchen counter.

Does this mean the end of eco-friendly grocery shopping?

Will the earth just have to deal with that extra carbon?

Have these reusable bags seen their last reuse?

…and most importantly…

Are we all going to die!?!?!

I’m not a scientist, environmental or otherwise, but nonetheless, here’s my advice to those inclined to freaking out :

Keep your grocery bags out of your mouth…and…CLEAN THEM OUT!!!


“Tests find most reusable grocery bags are surprisingly filthy”: MSNBC

…bi-daily smile…

another kind of grocery blues

One Comment Add yours

  1. vicky says:

    groceries and more groceries never enough for me.


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