…Read Between the Lines

Coffee addicts on the go, do not panic the next time you go through the Starbucks’ drive-through.

Despite what you may see on the menu you can still order your “tall” double mocha latte.

The “tall” just didn’t make the cut for the new streamlined 25 item drive-through menu.

Shockingly, the “venti” and “grande” sizes (or “electric socket” and “liquid lightening” if you prefer) were able to squeeze on to this more exclusive menu.

For those cynics out there shaking your heads, don’t pass your judgment quite yet (it’s polite to listen to the other side’s explanation…however wrong it may be).

Starbucks is merely trying to make the purchasing process simpler for the customer.

Before java enthusiasts got bombarded with 75 menu items.  And they could kind of sort of make out at least one or two items in that crazy coffee chaos (tiny print and too much and/or too little caffeine don’t mix well).  So, something had to go.

Now, I realize that on word length alone, “venti” and “grande” take up more room (and cause others to take up more room), but they are also more popular than the “tall” size.

Plus, there are “value” items still on the menu.  So, obviously Starbucks is not trying to persuade customers into buying the larger sizes (that’s their story and they’re sticking to it).

It’s the same reasoning behind the absence of the “short” from all of the Starbucks’ menus (yes, that’s right there’s a size smaller than the “tall”).

Okay, you may now feel free to judge.


More on the Story:  A Tall Order

…just for fun:


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