…give props

...this looks absolutely nothing like my television...size doesn't matter though...right?

Well it’s time for another awards show.

And regular readers know the Crusade can’t let an award show go by without acknowledging it.

Plus, it being the Emmys and all you know we have an opinion…which I won’t force on you…I’ll just lay it on real thick.

So in preparation for the Emmy Awards (8/7 central on NBC) I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you all.

So welcome to a very video-heavy Emmy Award edition of the Crusade:

It seems that two of the Crusades favorites “Modern Family” and “Glee” will be duking it out for top prize in the Comedy category…here’s a taste of both

Modern Family


…and just a few other favorites (I told you it’d be video-heavy)…

In the Drama department it seems that Mad Men is the critical favorite but here are mine:

Dexter…very dark…but light-hearted at the same time…the ultimate guilty pleasure (not the most recent season…but oh well)…

LOST…final season…it’s time…spoiler alert: this video explains the entire series

That’s all for my Emmy blog.  Good luck to all the nominees…remember it’s an honor just to be there…right?

…I have no other takes today sorry…but isn’t my speculation/predictions enough?

…bi-daily smile

because there weren’t enough video clips

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