…Empirically Strike Back

After weeks upon weeks of “mosque” talk, finally there’s an NYC building project I can blindly support and/or strongly oppose (decisions, decisions).

15 Penn Plaza, a 67-story tower that’s only 34 feet shorter than the Empire State Building, is threatening to invade this iconic skyscraper’s spot in the New York skyline.

This proposed building would stand two blocks west of the Empire State Building near Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

The Empire State Building has been dominating that area of the skyline for 79 years, and it’s a little insensitive for this new kid on the block (or two blocks over) to just move in and take over.

Now it’s not that the Empire State Building thinks that this building should not be constructed, they just want it to pick a different site.

I hear that there might be a lovely piece of real estate opening up just two blocks from the World Trade Center site (just don’t try adding a prayer room to the blueprints).


More on the Story: The Empire Strikes Back

An article worth a read: 10 Things on the Mosque

…just for fun:

just think of all the future movie endings that could be ruined-

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