…Break the Mold

History was made this weekend, and most likely you were completely unaware of it.

An epic battle of the sexes took place at the movie box office this weekend, and I’m sorry to report that the fairer sex lost.

“The Expendables” ruled the box office this weekend, bringing in $35 million.  Coming in second was, “Eat Pray Love” with $23.7 million.

The worst part about this outcome ladies, is that we brought about our own demise.  It seems that nearly as many women went to see “The Expendables” as “Eat Pray Love.”

This has led some to start talking about the death of the chick flick, because that is certainly something that can be determined by the box office results for one weekend.

Way to go Team Estrogen (specifically you 1.8 million who sided with the men), you killed the chick flick.

Don’t you know that as women we’re supposed to support all things deemed “female” at all times.  Men watch sports and women go shopping.  Men like action movies and women like light, fluffy romantic comedies with unrealistic endings.

Hopefully this weekend we all learned a valuable lesson.  Mess with Hollywood’s nice, neat little pigeonholes and they will freak out on you.


More on the Story: Death of the Chick Flick

…just for fun:

In honor of the 33rd anniversary of Elvis’ death-

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