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...never forget the importance of a strong start

Mondays have a bad wrap.  They’re the first day of the week.  Everyone is dragging their feet about having to go back to work/school and who has to pay for it?  Monday.

We’ve all heard someone say, “Oh looks like so and so has a case of the Mondays.”  How would you feel if you were used as an excuse for crabbiness?

Although I’m convinced there are a lot of closet Monday lovers out there.

An article I came across in Reuters found that on average people put more energy into their appearance on Mondays and then decline throughout the rest of the week.

True this is from London…maybe it’s a UK thing…but nevertheless its time for Monday to reclaim its honor.

And seeing as it can’t speak for itself, today I’m defending the first day of the work week.

The Sunnyside of Monday:

Personally I’ve always liked Mondays.  There’s something crisp about them…yes, even in the middle of a Midwest heatwave (112 degree heat index you have no power here).

Yes, I’ll admit I enjoy being the perky one amidst the crabby pants in the coffee line.  There’s something especially satisfying about getting a confused look back when you smile and say good morning to a groggy, pre-caffeinated stranger.

True, I am writing this as I sit and go through pictures with my mother and sister in the middle of a mini-vacation.

But that doesn’t change my love for this day with a bad wrap.

So suck it up enjoy your coffee and remember the fact that you just had two days off…and remember there are only four other days between you and your weekend…not helping am I?

Well I’ll just head back to my coffee and creative contributions to this family photo project…I’m really good at saying yeah that looks great Zer…jealous?

Oh and before I go I have to wish my mom a happy birthday!

…other takes


…bi-daily smile…

here’s some help for your Monday

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