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Pinnacles of Modern Fashion

The Vatican is finally cracking down on an out of control situation—their tourists’ fashion choices.

Despite a busy schedule of doing next to nothing about the never-ending pedophile issue, and criminalizing women who want to be priests, the Church has found time to turn the Swiss Guard into the fashion police of Vatican City.

It seems the always fashionable police of Vatican City are now in charge of enforcing some modesty.

Specifically they’ve been pulling aside men in shorts and women with uncovered shoulders and short skirts to tell them that they are not dressed appropriately.

Believe it or not, tourists are less than thrilled about this new policy.  Words such as “hypocrisy” have been flying around quite a bit.

Personally I think that a certain amount of modesty should be required at the hub of the Catholic Church, but not allowing sleeveless tops, really?

It’s Italy, it’s summer and it’s hot.

Maybe we can strike a happy medium somewhere in between mini skirts with midriff-baring tube tops and a burqa.

This whole issue is like one big flash back to grade school, and not being allowed to wear short socks.

I am also reminded of a certain story involving a speck and a plank.

Thank goodness this knee and shoulder attack against the Church is being dealt with now before it gets completely out of hand.


More On the Story: The Holy See’s Fashion Police

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