...change is good

I caught an alarming headline the other day while catching up on my news…and no I’m not referencing the hour-long break-up I mean special that ESPN allowed LeBron James.

My condolences to Cleveland but after careful consideration I decided that a whole blog to this cause would only worsen the problem…so here’s my completely unrelated headline:

No this headline read:

“Transformers to take out Michigan Ave Bridge and Trump Tower?”

It may not be as controversial as breaking up with your hometown on national television…but it sure is exciting right?…continuing to move on.

Who’s behind this dastardly plot?  Why none other than that friend to the robots, Shia LaBeouf…sort of…

Beginning this weekend Michael Bay and company will be taking over parts of the city to shoot scenes for “Transformers 3.”

This little spoiler was part of a document sent out to Chicago merchants, filling them in on the movie magic chaos that will undoubtedly ensue.

Because while the low-flying helicopters  “gunfire, spark hits, explosions, fireballs and black smoke” will make for one exciting summer blockbuster on the big screen… it may be a little alarming in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon.

Of course plenty have chimed in with suggestions for other buildings Mr. Bay might consider crushing with the help of Optimus Prime.

And although I agree with some of them I think that Soldier Field with its “a spaceship just landed on top of the old field” style that it’s rockin’ would fit right in with the backdrop of a Transformers film.

Here’s looking forward to a brief, but sure to be chaotic glimpse at some movie magic.

…other takes

Time Out Chicago:

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…bi-daily smile…

…just think…now it’s five:

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