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Welcome to your weekly dose of oil spill news, aka the BP chronicles.

Throughout this whole ordeal in the Gulf there’s one issue that has been swept to the side.

Many have just looked the other way.  Pretending it’s not there.

I am of course talking about robot sabotage.

It’s real my friends.  Think back to May.

Remember back when they stopped trying to plug the hole with trash and made the shocking revelation that they actually had diamond saw wielding robots.

You may recall that attempts to cap the leak back then were stalled by a certain robot jamming their encrusted sword in the pipe.

Well, this past week the artificial intelligence has struck again.  More specifically, one of them “accidentally nudged” the containment cap off of the leak.

Not to worry, the cap has been replaced, but the fact remains that our environmental fate lies in the cold metal hands of machines.

And really…what do the little metal machines have to lose?  They don’t need clean water, air, or those pesky humans in their way.  Plus it’s so much easier to place blame on inanimate objects.

I think it’s time to make nice with your appliances…that means no shouting at your computer, iPod, television, toaster, microwave, etc…someday you may be working for them.

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…bi-daily smile…

Things to come?

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