…soak it in

...someone get BP on the phone. I have a plan and it lives in a pineapple under the sea...

Did  you ever wonder what all of the hair salons, barber shops, Great Clips, etc… do with all of those inches that end up on the floor?


Neither did I until recently.

Regular readers might recall a blog  I wrote last week about the oil spill in the Gulf.

One of the plans for soaking up the oil was mats of hair, or as I like to call them: hair sponges.

OK, let’s all get it out of our system: ewww, gross, nasty, blech…moving on…

Turns out human and animal hair is very absorbent.

And as I write this, two inches of my super absorbent hair are sitting in a bin waiting to make their way to the Gulf to save the world.

I expect an influx of thank you notes from all of the little fishies, whose lives my super absorbent locks will be saving.

I imagine that my swimming experience will really pay off as my little donation makes its way to the spill.  I can picture it now, leading the charge, soaking up that oil.  Like a giant mop of environmental justice.

Well maybe it won’t be as dramatic as all that.  But that would make for an awesome episode of “Captain Planet” crossed with “Spider Man” maybe (Captain Planet and the Helpful Hair…it works).

The fact of the matter is I discovered this morning that the salon I go to is donating all of their hair clippings to Matters of Trust, an organization putting together hair mats to clean up the mess in the Gulf.

And while that disgust that we all purged from our systems a little while ago was my initial reaction.  I’m glad that I can say I contributed something to the cleaning up of this mess.  Now, if only they could get it to stop.  I can only do so much.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. BCM says:

    I think we should all go get our hair cut…..


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