…lose it

...seems simple enough

I thought I’d start today with a hypothetical.

First, I want everyone to pick a family member (preferably one you like)…got one?

OK, now imagine that you and said family member are going on vacation, but let’s say due to over-booking you have to sit apart from each other on the plane.

You don’t see your travelling partner at all during the flight and when you arrive at your destination you are told by the airline, that they lost your family member.

But don’t worry the airline tells you, “We’re really sorry,” and offers you  a $200 voucher good towards any flight in the future.  Now don’t you feel better?

I know this offer might sound good to a six-year-old willing to trade their younger sibling for a trip to Disney World, but this sounds more like a peace-offering for lost luggage (that was incredibly valuable, but still lost luggage).

Full disclosure, in the real story that this hypothetical was based on, the family member was a dog.

I imagine that several readers are rolling their eyes right now.

I realize not everyone loves animals.  I too admit that some people’s attention to their pets is mildly nauseating.

Dog strollers, for instance, isn’t the point of taking your dog for a walk, to take your dog for a walk?

But I need to get to my point.  While I’ll never understand why there are dogs wearing diamond collars while children starve, I do love animals.

I also understand the connection that one forms with a family pet.

Delta (the airline in question) is saying that Paco (the dog in question) escaped from his kennel on the tarmac, while waiting for a connecting flight.

Paco’s owners are not convinced that’s what happened.

Personally, an escaped dog seems more likely than a misplaced dog, but either scenario shouldn’t end with a $200 payoff.

It all sounds a little bit like the plot of “Homeward Bound II” to me.  So here’s hoping that Paco is out there, making its (grammatically correct, but it bothers me) way across the Canadian border to its Ontario home.  Watch out for porcupines.

Paco’s full story

…bi-daily smile…

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