…hold my ground

...why can't all battles with nature end with a fabulous new pair of shoes?

Today I have a story to tell.  A story of great courage in the face of great difficulty.  I call it…

The Tale of the Runner and the North Wind

This story begins much like many of my stories.

It was early morning, the sun peaked out from behind a sheet of grey.

Below, a fierce wind played games with those brave enough to venture out.  Hair, skirts and scarves blew every which direction.

There could only be one explanation, the North Wind was back with a vengeance to wreak havoc on the citizens of Chicago (in late March, what is up with that?).

In the midst of this chaos, one brave little spandex-clad, pony-tailed runner stepped out her front door ready to show that villainous North Wind just how tough she was.

“I’m not afraid of you,” she thought as she turned the corner to face her nemesis head on.

But wait.  Where was that blustery foe?

She looked to the left, nothing.

She looked to the right, still nothing.

And finally, one quick glance behind her, and that breeze on steroids had her running for the path (at twice her normal pace).

“Thank you for the lift,” she thought to herself as she was speedily carried to her turn-around point, “but now it’s time to tango.”

And just as quickly as that swiftly moving air current had lifted her forward, it turned on her.

Suddenly this morning workout maven was trapped in a tempest that only Shakespeare could imagine.  It was all she could do to keep moving forward

As she persisted, one thought kept her moving forward, “I will not be defeated! I will not be defeated!”

What she didn’t realize was that there were no rules in this battle.  She was fighting a force of nature with loose morals.

Her illusions of civility were quickly shattered as an invisible hand ripped a branch right off a nearby tree and struck her right in the face.

The runner returned home with a new respect for the weather, a new blush to her cheeks (especially her left one, right below her eye), and a new appreciation for her sunglasses (this could have been a much bloodier story).

And that marks the end of The Tale of the Runner and the North Wind… for now…alternate title Why I Wear Sunglasses Running, Even When It’s Cloudy Out.

…bi-daily smile…

a secret message, compliments of HIMYM…see if you can figure out the code

Thank you HIMYM writers…and Alyson Hannigan/Lily for having the same birthday week 🙂

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