…Get Slimed

The Nobel Peace Prize may be feeling a little insecure on the Obamas’ mantle after this Saturday.

It will be sharing its place of honor with another “lofty” award.

I’m talking, of course, about the highly esteemed Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards blimp.

Michelle Obama is being presented with the “Big Help” award for her “Let’s Move” campaign to help cut down on childhood obesity.

This honorary blimp may not be the only award the first lady goes home with Saturday night.

She and her husband (you may have heard of him) are up for another award on Saturday.

The two are nominated for cutest couple.  Their fellow nominees are: Edward and Bella; Jacob and Bella; and Neytiri and Jake.

For those of you unfamiliar with the “Twilight” series (what rock have you been living under?), yes, that is the same Bella.

As the only nominated couple based in reality, here’s hoping they pull an upset.

The Obamas will not be attending the awards (apparently they’re kind of busy), but Michelle did pre-tape an acceptance speech for the “Big Help” award.

No word yet on whether any slime was involved.


…there’s really no connection, but this video made me laugh:

…wait I’ve got it, for those of you who need a connection between the blog and video: Michelle Obama was on Sesame Street once.

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