Some eye-candy for those of you giving up sweets for Lent. You're welcome.

A warning to all you non-Catholics out there.  Today is Ash Wednesday. 

That means all of your Catholic friends will be dirty, hungry and possibly hung over depending on how their Mardi Gras celebrations went.  So watch out.

Ash Wednesday, of course, marks the beginning of Lent.  It’s a time of repentance, reflection and preparation.

In other words, as any good Catholic knows, it’s a 40 day diet plan.

I’ve tried the deprivation approach before.  It usually lasts about a week. 

I try, really I do.  Last time I gave something up I was about half way through a brownie sundae when I remembered that I’d given up chocolate (oops).

And, yes, I did finish it.  There’s not enough Catholic guilt in the world to make me waste a perfectly good brownie sundae.

So, what will I be attempting to give up this year? 

I’m not telling.  Possibly because I don’t know what it is yet, but I can tell you it is not chocolate.

I’ve always thought the purpose of giving something up for Lent is to make you a better person.

And depriving myself of chocolate does not make me a better person. 

To all my fellow Catholics, I wish you good luck this Lent.  Here’s to a successful forty days.


…some inspiration for the beginning of Lent: Epiphany

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