…Spice Up Your Life

A certain spicy British pop group may soon be following in the foot steps of  ABBA and Green Day.

If you’re wracking your brain trying to figure out what in the world these two groups have in common, I’ll help you out.

One of them already has a successful musical running on Broadway ( “Mamma Mia!” ) and the other has one opening soon ( “American Idiot” ).  I’ll give you a second to figure the rest out.

Yes, that’s right the Spice Girls wannabe a Broadway hit. 

A new stage musical based on the songs of the group is in the works.

The tentative title is “Viva Forever,” and the story will be about, well I don’t know. 

Here’s hoping they consider using the story from “Spice World” and then very quickly toss that idea out the window.  Or at least that’s what I would say if I’d ever watched “Spice World” (don’t judge me).

If this experiment works out (which it probably will) it should pave the way for musicals inspired by other 90s pop groups. 

Some suggestions:

The creative minds of the musical world won’t have to come up with original music for years.

Here’s to being hopeful about this juggernaut of ‘girl power’ that’s heading to Broadway.


The Whole Story: Spicing Up Broadway

…and just for fun: Spice Up Your Life

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  1. I am not a big fan of spice girls or of any boy/girl group but I must admit they made great music. Before coming out with a title, they must know what the story is all about, right?


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