…Shake Things Up

Your cell phone conversations could be a little more bubbly in the future.

Thanks to a new sustainable cell phone concept, your phone may soon be getting its battery power from a surprising source–soda.

No, the phone doesn’t run on fizz (though that would be awesome).  But it’s still pretty cool.  I mean, it is a phone that you can pour soda in to.

This carbonated cell runs on a battery that uses enzymes to generate electricity from carbohydrates.  In other words it uses sugar to make your phone work.

The best part, the cell phone itself is actually biodegradable and its caffeinated battery can hold a charge for four times longer than the standard lithium battery.

If you’ve every seen a seven-year-old on their third Coke (or first in some cases), that charge time shouldn’t surprise you.  Although, that probably means that it’s prone to crashing without warning.

Also, considering the corrosive powers of certain sugary sodas, the biodegradable feature may be an issue, but overall it sounds like a cool new piece of technology.

Plus, just think of all the problems this new phone can create:

  • “Sorry…can’t hear…phone…fizzing…call…back.”
  • “Who drank my cell phone battery?”
  • “Can I call you back?  My battery is leaking.”
  • “I dropped my phone again, and it exploded all over my new shoes.”

Another plus, you can easily change the color (and flavor) of your phone.

Unfortunately, these phones aren’t available yet at your cell service provider of choice’s store. 

You’ll have to continue to put up with your everyday mundane cell phone issues.  

For now, sharing a fizzy beverage with your cell phone is only a dream.


The Whole Story: Coke Powered Cell Phone

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  1. BCM says:

    I loved your writing on this one….I am still laughing out loud!


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