…be blown away

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Fifty mile an hour wind gusts swept through Chicago last night.  Yes, after a brief hiatus the wind has returned to the Windy City.  Funny thing,  I didn’t really notice that it was missing.  It’s one of those things that’s easy to forget until it’s once again blowing you down State Street.

In addition to being almost literally blown away last night, it’s been a blustery 24 hours on other fronts…

Found this ridiculous news story this morning.  I say ridiculous in regards to the fact that this even happened, not the incident itself.  According to the Chicago Sun Times The Bank of America Theater (or the Boat as I like to call it) and surrounding buildings were evacuated last night after an apparent bomb threat was found in the alley next to the theater.  The Boat  is currently the home of Broadway show “Jersey Boys,” which was on intermission when the suspicious boxes were found.  It was ultimately determined (almost two hours later) that the whole thing was a prank.  I have several words to say on the subject, but first I think Chicago Police Cmdr. Eugene Roy of the Bomb and Arson Squad, put it well, “It’s not funny. It’s not a joke. If we find you, we will arrest you.”… and now to be a little more succinct and with a nod to SNL’s Weekend Update… “REALLY!?!”

I’d like to know who had nothing better to do with their time than to waste other people’s time and money.  Not to mention (and I’m sure this is bothering everyone, not just me the huge theater dork) they deprived 1,600 theater goers of their evenings entertainment, the best song in the show is in the second half (it’s a great show, seriously)! But to conclude…really?  It’s just one of those stories that you couldn’t even imagine until it happens.

On that note, here’s hoping that the next big gust comes from the Cardinals sweeping the Dodgers.  Happy October baseball fans!

…bi-daily smile…

Jersey Boys …yes I’m obsessed

and for the Cardinals fans…

Go Cards!

…and in case you missed it here’s the link the Sun Times story:

Chicago Sun Times

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