…g “O” for the gold

I know there’s a lot of commentary right now on the IOC’s  announcement tomorrow…but I’m living in one of the front-running cities and with the Mighty “O’s” (Oprah and the Obama’s) descending on Denmark for the “O”lympic announcement in C-“O”-penhagen… I have to put my two cents in.

…For my cave-dwelling friends, tomorrow the International Olympic Committee will announce the host city for the 2016 Olympic games.  In the running are Tokyo, Madrid, Rio De Janeiro, and Chicago.  The favorites seem to be Rio and Chicago at this point.  The official announcement will come from Copenhagen tomorrow morning…

The Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece…just kidding.  That’s where I draw my line for assumption of knowledge.

As a sports dork nothing would make me happier than having the games here, but I realize there are some skeptics out there so I’ve prepared a few other reasons why everyone should want the 2016 games in Chicago:

1.) Michael Phelps…I know it’s a long shot, but he could totally still be swimming.

2.)It’s the Windy City…we can put that Olympic flame to the ultimate test.

3.)CTA…with the whole world watching the trains might actually run on schedule.

Plus, we can once again test Oprah’s ability to control the weather (just kidding?)…Go Chicag”O” (sorry can’t help it, it’s too easy)..

For more info on the 2016 Olympics:



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