…Sip and Savor

Today is National Cocoa Day. This sippable, sweet indulgence is the perfect beverage for the season.

Now before you get any fancy ideas about enjoying some hot chocolate today you should know that holiday isn’t until January 31st. Yes, there is a difference (Hint: it’s in the powder).

Technicalities aside, topped with marshmallows and paired with a cozy sweater, I mean is there anything better than a mug of cocoa? Read the rest of this entry


…shed some light

Golden GlobesYesterday, the 2017 Golden Globe nominations were announced, and while there were the usual discussions of surprises and snubs, one particular oversight stung a little bit more than usual.

That’s of course because this isn’t just the kickoff of the forthcoming awards season, it’s also the first round of Hollywood nominations since the ongoing chorus of #metoo began…a fact that made the category of “Best Director of a Motion Picture” a little difficult to stomach.

But I mean, who was going to tell Stephen Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, or Martin McDonagh that they’d been overlooked for a woman who wrote and directed the most critically acclaimed film of the year? I mean what did you expect? Read the rest of this entry

…Check Yourself

Happy Monday! More importantly, happy two weeks until Christmas!

With everything that needs to get done, Mondays are extra “special” this time of year. You get the thrill of a fresh, new week mixed with the joy of an incomplete shopping list.

I get it. It can be hard to show your very best, merry self when Monday gets in the way. With that in mind, here’s your weekly pep talk with a bit of holiday flair.

Prepare to have a holly, jolly beginning of the week…whether you like it or not.

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…right it off


Today marks the beginning of the 70th year of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Human Rights Day, a day established to bring awareness to human rights issues around the world. It was a cause championed by many, among them Eleanor Roosevelt.

The day seems to be striking a particular chord this year as the “us vs. them” mentality continues to take center stage, a sentiment that is the absolute antithesis of today’s cause. And while I honestly believe that most people don’t see the world that way, the fact that we’re being forced to hear this bigotted perspective promoted day in and day out is absolutely exhausting. So I hope today serves as a reminder for us all.

It feels particularly appropriate to remember this great lady’s incredible contributions today as women (along with many other forgotten people) continue to be included in the ongoing chorus of “(fill in a group of people here)’s rights are human rights.” Read the rest of this entry

…Get Cheesy

There’s nothing like a holiday season diet. Whether you’re the one attempting it, or the one who gets to hear about it, it usually leads to some serious bah-humbug vibes. Thankfully, for both halves of this “grinchy” situation, I have some good news. Make that great news.

Eating cheese may actually be good for you!

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