…Cast a Spell

Summer Reading

Today’s summer reading is a series that you’ve probably already read, but a millennial summer reading series wouldn’t be complete without revisiting this modern classic — “Harry Potter.”
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…find your train of thought

the_girl_on_the_train_us_cover_2015Today’s book is one that I’m pretty sure everyone else on the planet has read, so in a way I take pride in the fact that it’s still “on my list.” Read the rest of this entry

…Start a New Chapter

Summer ReadingHappy post-Olympics’ Monday! While Mondays may be the worst, and a Monday with no Olympics…well that’s unthinkable.

Lucky for you, we’re offering a bit of a distraction this week with some late summer reading suggestions.

Up first, I’m going with a classic inspired by our summer of blockbusters — “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.”

I’ll admit, I haven’t read this one in its entirety. So this Lewis Carroll classic is more of a summer reading wish list addition than a summer reading recommendation. But considering its cooky cast of characters and the number of films, television series, and countless other stories it’s inspired, I’m fairly confident it won’t let you down.

Plus, I have read its sister book — “Alice in Wonderland” — so I can vouch for at least part of the series. Either way, there’s got to be a reason it’s a classic. Or it’s the greatest literary prank in history, which still makes it worth checking out in my book.

…just for fun:

…pass the torch

Olympic RingsToday we say goodbye to another year of Summer Olympic Games. This evening the torch will officially be passed to Tokyo, and we all begin the long wait until 2020 (2018 if you’re a fan of the Winter Games, which we are!). But today is not about bemoaning the end of the games. Today is about celebrating the games that we’ve had, and look forward to what’s next…

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…Reach the Home Stretch


Well, we made it…almost. Tomorrow night will see the closing ceremony for the Rio Olympics, and what an Olympics its been.

From the US dominating in the pool to the US dominating in women’s gymnastics, it’s been a good summer games for the United States Olympic team. At least that’s the case in the pool and gym.  Read the rest of this entry


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