…expecto patronum

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Welcome to the weekend, crusaders, and what a magical weekend it is… Read the rest of this entry


bridget_jones_trio_1sht_teaser_ukBefore I get started with my review of, “Bridget Jones’s Baby,” I’d like to make a few obvious, but necessary, statements. First, this is a “Bridget Jones” film. Second, if you watched the first two films and did not enjoy them, you probably won’t like this one either. Third, and last, if you had no desire to see the first two films (you missed out) and you probably shouldn’t see this one either.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way.

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…fall forward

summerfallToday marks the official start of fall…finally… Read the rest of this entry


international_peace_day_logoToday we’re celebrating International Day of Peace. This UN promoted event is meant to inspire hope and action towards a world free from violence.

Given the current global situation, today might as well be called International Day of “We’ll Settle For Thinly Veiled Disapproval of Those Who are Different From Us.” Read the rest of this entry

…avert your eyes

televisionThis week is one of change. It’s time for a new season, quite literally, as fall is just days away (someone should let the weather know), and for entertainment, as a new season of television programming arrives… Read the rest of this entry