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…Take A Swing At It

20140716-071559-26159340.jpgThe Marvel Universe has caused quite the stir in the comic-nerd world this week.

If that last sentence made any sense to you, then you’re probably already well aware of the big news. For the rest of you, Marvel announced this week that Thor is going to be a woman.

Yes, that’s the same Thor portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the Thor and Avengers films, and no, he’s not literally becoming a woman.

However his hammer, Mjölnir (yes, the hammer has a name), will be changing ownership. Read the rest of this entry

…Weather the Storm

hurricaneThis weekend marked the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season.  For those living on the East and Gulf coasts of the US, that means its time to prepare for anything.

Although, it may surprise you to know that the US is actually in the middle of a hurricane drought.  The last Category 3 (or higher) to make landfall in the US was a hurricane named Wilma that hit southwest Florida in October of 2005.

If you’re wondering what that makes 2012′s Hurricane Sandy, well technically it was post-tropical cyclone Sandy when it made landfall.

And according to a new out today from researchers at the University of Illinois, it Sandy’s name may have been to blame for a part of the storm’s devastation. Read the rest of this entry

…talk about it


Here at 2WC, we dedicate a fair amount of bandwidth to women’s issues.  Our love of movies, television, and theater is quite evident.

However, even in the midst of our dorking out over, or reviewing the latest film, we like to lend our voices to the girl power conversation (…skirt the issue).

So you better believe we have more than a few thoughts on the #YesAllWomen campaign that took off on the heels of last weeks tragic shootings at UC-Santa Barbara. Read the rest of this entry

…Skirt the Issue


We’re now three weeks into the summer blockbuster season and it’s time we have a talk. It’s a talk we’ve had before and will doubtless have again, but it’s an important one that we will continue to have until it’s no longer needed. It’s time to talk about lady superheroes.

It’s no secret that women are woefully under-represented in the summer blockbuster scene. The fact that the phrase “lady superheroes” is necessary speaks volumes all on its own. Why can’t we just call them superheroes?

Read the rest of this entry



Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s late in the day, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Read the rest of this entry


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