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…Take A Break

randy-faris-beach-chair-on-empty-beachOkay, work force of the United States, it’s time for another intervention.  Seeing as it’s the weekend, it seems like as good a time as any to discuss time off.

Yes, I’m talking about vacation days.

According to a recent survey, the average employee in the U.S. who gets paid time off only uses 51 percent of those days. Read the rest of this entry

…Cover Up

20140125-140859.jpgWith just under two weeks to go until the Sochi Olympic Games, the event has already faced its fair share of issues. From Russia’s harsh stance on gay rights to security threats, the Sochi games are shaping up to be the most exciting Winter Olympic Games in a long time…even if it’s not for the best of reasons.

Read the rest of this entry

…Have Some Class


Tonight marks the end of series four of Downton Abbey, and the beginning of the long wait until the Christmas special.

If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, well them you obviously don’t live in the UK…of course, neither do we.

American Downtonites won’t even see episode one of series four until January 5th. So, at this point, we’re pros at waiting patiently (sort of). Read the rest of this entry

…Show Some Class

Dear Downton Abbey,

First off, hope all is well.  It’s been a while.

Hope the engagement’s going well Mary and Matthew.   Sybil and Branson, hope Ireland is treating you well.  Dowager Countess we know you’re still as bad ass as ever.  Edith…’sup. Lord and Lady Grantham we send our regards. Anna, give Bates our best. Everyone else downstairs–hope you’re keepin’ it real.

We’d pay you a call, but apparently you won’t be allowing American visitors until January. Don’t worry that hasn’t stopped your representation on the Facebook from counting down to your premiere (in the UK).

Hope all of your British fans enjoy the continuation of your class-bridging drama.  Hope they appreciate your constant eves-dropping, plotting, and dressing. We just have a few questions.

Why must you torment us so? Were we not faithful?  Did we not accept you with open arms, not only into our homes, but into our awards shows?  Why must you prolong our exile?

With that we leave you to respond. Please do so quickly.  We’ll see you mid-winter when Masterpiece Classics and Laura Linney once again brings you to our shore.

Best Wishes,


…Sorry for bursting your bubbles, fellow US viewers, but those of you who have been anxiously counting down the hours until tonight’s premiere will need to add another 112 days (plus a few hours) to your countdowns.  Together we can make it through this dark time.


Countdown to the “Downton Abbey” US Premiere (Jan. 6, 2013): Countdown

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…Reach for the Sky

Jet-setters, stand-by enthusiasts and casual travelers, guess what, you no longer have to check your rights along with your bags.

New rules regarding the rights of US airlines’ passengers were approved yesterday by the US Department of Transporation.

Now don’t worry, your chance at a complimentary colonoscopy courtesy of the TSA isn’t going anywhere.

However, a few other treasured travel headaches are on their way out:

  • If they lose your bags at least you’ll get your baggage fee back (and maybe a little bit of your pride and dignity).
  • Airlines have to inform you if your flight is delayed by more than 30 minutes (was this really not required before?).
  • Carriers can no longer  leave out icky things like government taxes and all other fees when advertising plane fares.
  • You can now cancel reservations within 24 hours of a booking without penalty.
  • Airlines are now prohibited from price increases after tickets are purchased (now they’re just talking crazy).

So, to sum all that up, the airlines are now going to have to actually do their jobs honestly, and if they don’t…

Okay, so they’re not so clear on that, but I’m sure there is some kind of fee.  

At the very least you can tell them all about this awesome blog post about how you have rights.  I’m sure that will help.


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