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…wield your influence


It’s go time guys. Get your hashtags ready. Once again, TIME wants your opinion (sort of) in 140 characters or less.  You’ll recall that back in 2013 Time surveyed readers to see their opinion on the person of the year, with their #TimePOY campaign. This time you’re not selecting the #TIME100Read the rest of this entry

…get ahead of ourselves

melting clock
If you’re one of those people who is notoriously an hour (or so) late for everything on the first day of daylight savings time every year, we have bad news for you. You’re late.

Yes, the time has come to move your clocks ahead one hour.  We’re all fans of the idea when we get the hour back in November, but the March end of things… Let’s just say you don’t see a lot of, “Happy Daylight Saving Day!” cards at Hallmark. Read the rest of this entry

…rhyme and reason

That rhyming helps memory should shock none.

It’s something we learned when very young. Read the rest of this entry

…keep your distance

Personal space is a powerful thing that we usually appreciate most when it’s been taken from us.  Now, there’s a study to back it up.

Right on the heels of “your posture says a lot about you” comes “taking up more space reflects your inner power.” Read the rest of this entry

…get out of hand


I have some disturbing  numbers for the germaphobes out there, and probably everyone else too.

A recent study from Michigan State University, which dispatched undercover researchers to retrieve the findings, found that only 5% of Americans wash their hands correctly. Gross, right? Read the rest of this entry


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